Thursday, July 13, 2023

The Necks - Travel [Northern Spy 158]

Released via Brooklyn's Northern Spy label on february 24th, 2k23 is "Travel", the latest studio album by long standing Australian Improv trio The Necks which have been making a mark on the longplay circuit since the release of their debut all the way back in 1989. With four pieces covering a total playtime of 77 minutes the group offers a fascinating take on tender, organic, slightly krautsy and ever meandering late night Piano Jazz x Future Jazz with the opening cut "Signal" followed by the deep, nocturnal melancholia of "Foming" which evokes echoes of echoes of ancient rural life with its almost folksy, yet certainly Nordic feel. Furthermore "Imprinting" indulges even further in solemn, introspective Nordic Jazz territories whereas the concluding "Bloodstream" even seems to touch on sacral (Neo)Cosmic x Ambient vibes built on a foundation of comforting vintage bass drones and atmospheric crackles before turning into a thundering DarkJazz climax for a closing. Deep.

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