Friday, July 14, 2023

Jerome Noetinger - Outside Supercolor [Room40 Promo]

Released via the ever active Room40 label on June 23rd, 2k23 is Jerome Noetinger's "Outside Supercolor", the latest two track album outing by the French artist who, for this one, draws inspiration from his previous and ongoing collaboration with film maker Lionel Palun in terms of their artistic practice of directly connecting sound to video equipment and vice versa in anticipation of unexpected or new results. This being said, the opening tune "TV Eye On Me" presents an extended exercise in minimalist electric buzzing working towards a noisy, grinding, irregularly pulsating climax whilst being backed by cold and hostile, slowly wafting background atmospheres whereas the subsequent cut named "Les Attracteurs De Particules" employs tempo shifting, nervously chirping and rasping textures alongside overwhelming sinewave bass attacks before a gazillion strong swarm of buzzing insectobots attacks, drowning the listeners consciousness in quasi-metallic sci-fi noise and precisely sculpted laser fire of death. This is intense and not for the weak-hearted.


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