Sunday, August 27, 2023

Lisa Lerkenfeldt - Shell Of A City [Room40 Promo]

Set for release on September 1st, 2k23 on the ever growing Room40 label is "Shell Of A City", the latest album by Australian artist Lisa Lerkenfeldt who's focusing on an amalgamation of electroacoustics, ambient noise and Musique Concrete in her works. In "Shell Of A City" Lerkenfeldt presents processed contact recordings of a highway substructure rolled out over the course of roughly 40 minutes, starting from a point of reverberating, somewhat metallic and sci-fi leaning electroacoustic movements which later on diffuse into spatial and tectonic Ambient rumbles with a shimmering, almost hopeful attitude whilst adding short sequences of fluttering compression before continuously fading out of an ever pulsating low end which partially makes way to rising, hovering pads of timeless universal quality for a change of sonic direction in the second part of this longform piece. A release as eternal as starlight.


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