Tuesday, October 10, 2023

2020 - 8 [2020 Records 008 Promo]

Put out on the circuit on May 16th, 2k23 via 2020 Records is "8", the eighth full length album release on the artist run label by the mysterious 2020 project. This time catering one single extended track named "Outer Space" which unfolds over the course of 49 minutes 2020 provides an epic, wide-screen panoramic Ambient journey drawing inspiration from early Synth masters, classic Cosmic Proto-Ambient and what is called the Berlin School by many, making use of dramatic vintage synth layers and beautifully cascading soundscapes subtly - and only partially - shifting into off-kilter harmonics, telling tales of nostalgia and retrofuturism at the same time, harking back to a time of nuclear euphoria, shimmering neon-lights and autobahns devoid of traffic jams, providing a promising ride into a future that lies past, a timeless take on pure, comforting relaxation and a worthwhile addition to every Ambient collection out there. Nice one.


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