Saturday, October 21, 2023

Hessien - The Alchemist [Sound In Silence 106]

Another album released on September 4th, 2k23 via the Greek Ambient x Post-PostRock staple that is Sound In Silence is "The Alchemist" - the latest, ten tracks and approx. 61 minutes spanning album by Hessien. Re-emerging on the scene from an extended hiatus the duo comprised of Tim Martin and Charles Sage presents an amalgamation of floating, deep, yet overall positive Post-PostRock guitars and dreamy, comforting Ambient synth layers with the opening cut that is "Michigan Roads", progresses into slow, melancholia-inducing, hyper rural and naturalistic Post-PostRock with the subsequent "Two Wolves", pays homage to the German town of "Solingen" by fusing organic low end drone pulses with an intimate conversation of intertwined guitar layers, partially backed by harmonic distortions and ethereal electronic sweeps before finally rounding things off with "Her Love Of Skulls And Mushrooms" which turns out to be a most beautiful take on meandering Ambient Shoegaze just to name a few. Warm and comforting like a summer afternoon, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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