Friday, October 13, 2023

Saxophilia Saxophone Quartet - Metamorphosis [Redshift Records]

Another fresh album released by the Canadian label Redshift Records is "Metamorphosis" by the Saxophilia Soxophone Quartet which officially hit the shelves on September 1st, 2k23. Over the course of 59 minutes the group, comprised of Julia Nolan, Kris Covlin, David Branter and Colin MacDonald, tackles a set of five extended compositions written by Fred Stride, Violet Archer, Betraice Ferreira and Rodney Sharman as well as David Branter himself, covering a range from playful and frolicking Contemporary Classical x Jazz fusion tracks with an almost score'esque tongue-in-cheek quality to soft large scale panoramic layerings somewhat reminiscent of grainy black and white movie scenes of yore, melancholia-inducing (Neo)Classical elegies, carefully arranged multi-layered cascades and whirling. slightly unnerving and off-kilter stop-and-go passages as well as further polyphonic goodness which, in all its glorious beauty, easily lets one forget that one is just listening to a set of saxophones and not to a fully fledged large scale ensemble. Lovely.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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