Sunday, October 15, 2023

Frett - Nottwo [Gusstaff Records / Ant-Zen]

Scheduled for release on October 27th, 2k23 as a collaborative effort between the Polish label Gusstaff Records and legendary Industrial / Rhythm'n'Noise outfit Ant-Zen is "Nottwo", the sophomore album conceived by Maciej Frett a.k.a. Frett. With nine brand new tracks rolled out over roughly 42 minutes and accompanied by an excellent artwork Frett explores a dark'ish, yet heavily synth-driven variation of electronic music, starting his journey with the beauteous melancholia of the Minimal Wave x Electronica crossover that is "Duality, progressing into the dry, yet driving and seductive PostPunk x Industrial fusion that is "Body Mind" which will bring sonic pleasure to those who've enjoyed releases like the latest Akustikkoppler album, pairing its raw approach with the seductive vocals of Anna Frett whilst tunes like "Sleepless" see Frett taking a deep dive into melodic, Kraftwerk'esque retrofuturism nicely contrasted with a heavily distorted Industrial / EBM-leaning vocal performance telling tales of ultimate despair and heartfelt desolation whereas the obvious dancefloor approach "In Out" is about to impact heavily with fans of both acts like Lebanon Hanover as well as the sonic vibe spread by elusive Electro imprints deeply rooted within the scene of The Hague, "Human" providing the fever'ish score for Rhythm Industrial-fueled nightmares and "End Beginning" rounding things off with heavy, off-kilter melodic Industrial vibes for apocalyptic wastelands and scarred battlefields of doom just to name a few. Excellent stuff. Highly recommended.

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