Thursday, October 19, 2023

Yellow6 - Civil Twilight [Sound In Silence 105]

Put out on the circuit via the long standing Greek label that is Sound Is Silence on September 4th, 2k23 is "Civil Twilight", the latest full length album out cooked up by Leicestershire-based artist x composer Jon Attwood a.k.a. Yellow6. With eight new tracks rolled out over a total playtime of 65 minutes we see Attwood starting out from a point of tender, calm and caressing, almost romantic and certainly intimate guitar improvisations with the opening cut that is "Stand" before "Slowly Brighter" introduces brooding electric guitar riffs in its intro sequence only to turn into a slow and peaceful stream of krautsy PostRock after a few seconds, "M" indulges in echoes of minimalist (Nordic) Folk beauty and carefully arranged harmonic movements, "Keep Track" brings out some kind of road movie flavor, "Washed Away Every Trace" drifts off into dreamy golden sunsets and "Until The Next Time" finally waves goobye on a peaceful, chill and slightly twangy late summer evening note just to lay out a brief overview of the calm as calm be vibe that "Civil Twilight" brings on.


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