Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Paramorph Collective - All We're Made Of Is Borrowed (Still Holding The Time We Have Left As Medicine) [Redshift Records]

Put out on the circuit via the Canadian Redshift Records label on September 8th, 2k23 is "All We're Made Of Is Borrowed (Still Holding The Time We Have Left As Medicine)", the latest album by the duo operating under the deceiving name of Paramorph Collective. Comprised of An Laurence and Kim Farris-Manning, both renowned figures within the Canadian scene with both solo works as well as a plethora of cooperations and collaborations under their respective individual belt, who, within a total of eight pieces rolled out over roughly 53 minutes, present a collection of own tracks and compositions as well as their very own interpretations of works by the likes of Rodney Sharman, Margot George and Linda Caitlin Smith, walking the line between folksy, most intimate and naturalistic Folk references led by Laurence's ethereal, crystal clear singing voice which, in cuts like the fascinating title track "All We're Made Of Is Borrowed" also provides touching close up Spoken Word poetry followed by minimalist, ever meandering guitar instrumentals and scraping echo FX whereas "Fruiting Bodies" carefully explores whirling, ever modulated sinewaves and other electroacoustic goodness before riffs of doom take droning, extended Metal-informed Ambient Post-PostRock to a glistening, yet epicly vantablack place whilst "Thought And Desire" deeply indulges in (Neo)Classical piano romanticisms just to name a few. A widely varied and vastly beautiful album to share with a loved one, this.


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