Monday, October 23, 2023

Various Artists - Netlabel Day 2023: Techno Warriors [Dancefloor Socialism 021 Promo]

Another mid-summer release of the ever active digital imprint that is Dancefloor Socialism is their six track various artist EP release aptly named "Netlabel Day 2023: Techno Warriors". With tracks cooked up by the likes of Cement Tea, Flensburg-based DJ Nightnoise, Duality Micro, Evade, Sascha Müller and the dark lord of Techno that is The D3VI7 we're getting a full on round up of artists which have been long time associates of the label, providing a sonic range spanning from bleepy and psyched out experimental Lo-Fi Techno to epic Trance layers built upon a foundation of spatial, reverberating bassdrums for illegal psyfests out there in the deep dark forrests, raw, yet highly seductive underground 8bit Electro, heavy Tribal-infused Techno goodness sporting driving vocal cut-ups as well as pounding, relentless Hardcore for die-hard ravers on hyperstrobe lit dancefloors housed in underground air raid shelters just to provide an overview of what this well varied mini compilation has to offer. Good stuff.


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