Tuesday, October 24, 2023

2020 - 9 [2020 Records 009 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the artist run digital imprint known as 2020 Records on June 22nd, 2k23 is "Crypt", the latest full on album release by 2020. With the title track being the entire album spread over an epic playtime of approximately 49 minutes 2020 slowly builds up classic, yet fragile and somewhat misty Ambient atmospheres from a point of near silence which are later accompanied by carefully arranged layers of soft, beauteous and peaceful pads as well as a curious, scintillating melodic motif which playfully emerges, shifts, meanders and oscillates before fully vanishing into inaudible depths only to re-emerge once again, slightly altered like a sparkling echo of time or a glimpse of a meteor spotted in a clear summer night. Timeless. And time dissolving.


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