Sunday, October 22, 2023

Javier Hernando - Domina Estelectrica [Geometrik / Munster Records]

Put out on the circuit as a collaborational effort between Munster Records and Esplendor Geometrico's Geometrik label on September 22nd, 2k23 is "Domina Estelectrica", the latest album by long standing Spanish electronic music pioneer Javier Hernando. Presenting a total of eight brand new pieces on this limited to 300 copies vinyl edition Mr. Hernando explores vantablack, granular and futuristic Dark Ambient x Industrial textures from the very beginning of the opening cut "Visita De Insomnia" onwards, laying out a cold, yet vastly spacious sonic landscape of hostile, quasi exoterrestial qualities garnished with ethereal non-vocalisms before progressing into scraping, partly metallic sounding sound alterations and scientific dronings with "Volupta Tremula", dramatic and highly alarming digital Noize arrangements in "Espejo Estrellado" whereas "Domina OHU" presents a masterly crafted exercise in post-apocalyptic, Rhythm Industrial-informed Cold Ambient bleakness, "La Noche Niega" caters sci-fi leaning Death Ambient in combination with dynamic, yet irregular sweeps of probably modular origin before "Lunar Stellectric" provides closure, hope and a silver lining at the horizon as the most structured, peaceful and minimalist Ambient piece on this longplayer just to name a few. One of the most textural DarkAmbient albums we've heard in a while. Highly recommended.


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