Thursday, October 26, 2023

McCorman - A Page Is Turned | A Mountain Collapses | A Guy Leaves [Kohlhaas 029 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Italian Kohlhaas label on November 10th, 2k23 is "A Page Is Turned | A Mountain Collapses | A Guy Leaves", the cryptically named album effort by the Italian trio McCorman which is comprised of Stefano Calderano, Francesco Panconesi and Nicholas Remondino. Presenting a menu of 17 brand new compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 39 minutes the three core members of McCorman are drawing experience and expertise from their shared background in Jazz as well as previous collaborations to create an intimate take on what could be described as electroacoustic, highly atmospheric ChamberJazz, bringing forth dense, brooding, nocturnal vibes alongside ominous crackles, rumbling low-ends and other danger heralding sonic structures as well as classic Jazz-infused etudes, tender and folksy plucked guitar strings, spatial DarkJazz x Dark Ambient fusion cuts, playful, cute and slightly off-kilter Indietronica emulations, even loop-based Jazz x Electronica amalgamations for advanced late night dancefloors and scraping experimental Noize back to back with tender, dreamy and slightly melancholic washed out guitar chords and further goodness for an open-minded, avantgarde informed audience. This is beyond Jazz.


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