Monday, November 20, 2023

Extensa - Extensa [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via the Polish label Gusstaff Records on November 24th, 2k23 is "Extensa", the latest full length album cooked up by Mariusz Wroblewski, Andrzej Radniecki and Pawel Wieloch under their shared musical nom de guerre that is Extensa. Over the course of eight pieces and a total running time of roughly 49 minutes the band uses and abuses their classic set up of drums, guitar and bass to create a solely instrumental, yet highly intense and wall of sound oriented approach to a sleazy, thundering fusion of DoomRock, droning Sludge, apocalyptic Metal-infusions and fever'ish PostRock for nightmare rituals, catering highly dramatic riffing and exceptionally powerful drums in pieces like "Extransa" whilst "No. ∞" starts on a slightly funky tip before developing into a large scale cinematic, ever whirling and spiralling maelstrom taking both moshpits and battle fields by storm before the subsequent "Mr. Hyde" provides dreamy, psychedelic guitars and certainly nocturnal phrases embedded in Extensa's trademark SludgeRock sound and "Imperfection Perfection" even employs dub FX and a foundation of highly seductive dope beats to bring on the right amount of a funky groove to make this one our favorite tune on the album just to name a few. Not for the faint hearted, yet an excellent journey and probably a band one should witness on stage at least once in a lifetime. Go check!


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