Friday, November 24, 2023

Genera - Active Observation [Aut Records 098]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Aut Records label which is rapidly approaching the three digit realm of catalogue numbers these days is "Active Observation", the October 19th, 2k23 released album by Luca Venitucci, Dario Miranda and Ermanno Baron under their conjunctional musical alias that is Genera. Over the course of eight tracks and a total playtime of 51 minutes Genera are consciously trying to avoid predetermined structures and ideas for the most part to allow a free improvisational flow throughout the recording process which results in the floating, yet brittle and ever changing piano lines of "Trial And Error" which are ever meandering over an unusual mixdown of subdued drums and stripped down, yet very present and voluminous bass playing whereas "No Instructions" captures a certainly nocturnal, highly intimate variation of what could be described as Jazz Noir working its way towards ever intensifying percussive pulses, "Attempts" brings forth more busy and fast paced pianos and an overall hounded, well hectic vibe whereas "Iterate" presents a sparkling, yet intimate and stripped down glow whilst building up to climactic heights and the final "It's All Part Of The Learning Curve" waves goodbye on a caressing and minimalist, slightly dark'ish Jazz tip for a closing. Defo an album for multiple deep listening sessions, this.

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