Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Materical - Materical [Aut Records 096]

Another fresh album released via the Berlin-based Aut Records imprint on October 5th, 2k23 is "Materical", the self-titled longplay debut by the quartet of the same name which is formed by Enrico Faredi, Luca Serrapiglio, Luca Bernard and Giacomo Pisani. Starting from a point of uplifting, positive Jazz vibes sporting intertwined, ever corresponding melodies backed by a well interesting and oftentimes highly syncopated drum foundation the group touches on desert-informed Jazz melancholia with a certain swing in pieces like "Dry Sand", embarks on a dope and uplifting journey with "Due Coltelli Per Santiago" - defo our favorite cut on the album and one we'd love to hear being tackled by praised rappers like Guru, MC Solaar or the likes of in a live session freestyle context -, brings forth carefully layered late night Jazz minimalisms with "The Seasons whilst "Menshiki's Blues" seems to incorporate influences from the Balkan regions at times just to name a few. One to add to the collection for the dedicated genre aficionado, this one.


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