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baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2k23

01. Various Artists - Dreams Of Electric Bleep [Earwiggle 034]
Quite a litte bombshell compilation this which sees the Earwiggle camp collect and re-issue eight long lost, forgotten or criminally overlooked gems from the ever active Irish Electro underground in the period between 1999 and 2004, cooked up by then predominantly widely unknown bedroom producers like Americhord, Decal, Phil Kieran and others, originally released through oftentimes artist run labels like Trama Industries, Mass Transit Records or even the legendary NYC-based Satamile Records and the likes of. And despite being rather different in terms of each producers specific sonic focus the one thing that holds this compilation together the most is a very specific drive and beefyness with beats oftentimes closer to Broken Techno or the emerging NuSkoolBreaks x ElectroBreaks scene of the times than to the cleaner, oftentimes sci-fi-leaning Electro variation of motor city or the dry, super raw attitude of The Hague's scene, sporting a maelstrom of muscular basslines and techy, ever evolving synth patterns made and intended for heaving primetime floors. Still prime material that needs to be honored not only for its historical value.

02. Various Artists - 80s Techno Tracks: Vinyl Edition 2 [ZYX Music]
It's been quite a pleasant surprise seeing the influential ZYX label re-appearing on the vinyl circuit again, especially with a compilation like this focusing on a period in time in which the imprint, amongst others ofc, probably played vital role in widely popularizing electronic music on German dancefloors before the scene as we know it today even existed. We're talking the late 80s here with its NuBeat and Agreppo sound carrying echoes of SynthPop, EBM and cold, scientific Industrial music fused with influences of early House and ProtoTechno, all falling together to create killer cuts like MCL's "New York *Razormaid Mix", Bigod 20's "Body To Body (An Afternoon Of Aggression)", Pluuto's "Isn't It Crazy *Agsnøek Mix" or "Machine" by Aircrash Bureau which are to be found on this eight track album alongside further pieces prodcuded by household names like Moskwa TV, Westbam, Hypnopedia and others.

03. Piccolo JT / Rio Love - EP [Alleviated Records]
Larry Heard. Tenacious House x DeepHouse soldier par excellance. As Piccolo JT Mr. Heard teams up with storyteller C. Cherry to deliver two history-heavy House Music x Spoken Word fusion tracks for intimate late night club situations whilst Rio Love, an alias incorporating Larry Heard and M. Scott, explores trippy and spaced out Acid-infused territories as well as minimalist, slightly filtered DeepHouse vibes on the flip.

04. Sascha Müller - Back To The Funk [Proper Cuts Recordings 003]
See review for details...

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