Tuesday, November 28, 2023

2020 - 10 [2020 Records 010 Promo]

Here it is. The tenth full length studio album put out on the digital circuit by the still mysterious and probably artist run label that is 2020 Records. With "Racine", the sole, yet massively extended track on the August 22nd, 2k23 released album spanning an astounding 66 minutes in total we see 2020, the quasi anonymous force and head honcho behind the label, embarking on a journey into glistening glacial Ambient territories, bringing forth a time dissolving sonic whiteout slowly transforming and moving towards classic, more organic Ambient territories backed by angelic non-vocalisms and icey harmonies before further evolving into bleak, hypnotic and slightly washed out drone layers for dedicated die-hard fans of the genre. Probably an acoustic equivalent to hours spent in an isolation tank. Go check.


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