Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sascha Müller - Eskalieren EP [Groundzero Teknocamp 006 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Groundzero Teknocamp posse on September 10th, 2k23 is the "Eskalieren EP", a four track digital dancefloor workout cooked up by Uelsen-based producer Sascha Müller. Over the course of roughly 24 minutes Mr. Müller provides a sonic commentary on the ongoing Rave-infused Business Techno / HardTechno craze and its most uptempo excrescences, flawless in form, function and efficiency, expertly produced and delivering all the expected shenanigans such as heavy breakdowns, drumrolls, atmospheric risers, Acid modulations as well as oldskool Rave and StadiumHouse samples chopped, twisted and used and abused to the max for increased dancefloor impact. Yet, and despite all the expertise he collected over the course of decades spent in the studio, we feel that Mr. Müller was just taking the piss of the zeitgeist here and took on the task of producing tracks like this simply for the lulz. And rightly so as especially "Sympathikus Stimulation" is a major bang0r.


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