Wednesday, December 06, 2023

It Dockumer Lokaeltsje - Trump Yn Makkum [Makkum Records 038]

Put out on the circuit via the Dutch imprint Makkum Records on November 24th, 2k23 is "Trump Yn Makkum", the latest, 16 tracks and roughly 39 minutes spanning album by the long-standing Frisian band It Dockumer Lokaeltsje which first appeared on the album circuit all the way back in 1987 under this name despite being originally formed as Tropical Suicide in 1982. Now, a few splits and re-formations later, their most recent longplay format sees the Punk x Rock leaning trio dealing with a certain, yet somewhat traumatic encounter the village of Makkum had with alleged tycoon and later head clown of the United States Donald J. Trump who signed a contract with a local shipyard to get an expansive yacht built, yet couldn't follow through due to bankruptcy which, under suspicious circumstances, led to the company closing and the loss of many needed local workers jobs. This, and other incidents, are the themes "Trump Yn Makkum" is dealing with, channeling the historic, yet still present anger and desperation into super raw, unprocessed Punk x Rock tunes which can be pretty seductive as cuts like "Frosketrollen", the psychotic, riff-focused "Poddestuolleding", the highly eruptive, almost Hardcore-leaning "Boeren Jan 21" or "Alle Hat Alles" prove whilst others are touching base with what could be described as Artschool Punk or echoes of echoes of MathRock and even ultra dark, highly dramatic ballads at times in cuts like "Lytse Geast (Mei Hynders)". Quite an interesting, yet also intense journey into real Dutch economic history.

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