Saturday, December 02, 2023

Savage Republic - Live In Wroclaw January 7 2023 [Gusstaff Records]

Well, this is a first. At least as far as we're aware of this one is the first ever live album released on the ever active Gusstaff Records imprint from Poland. Put out on the circuit on November 24th, 2k23 and following up to their acclaimed "Meteora" album L.A.-based Savage Republic are back with a 77 minutes live effort recorded in Wroclaw to capture the energy and momentum of their album tour right at the heart of the city where Gusstaff Records head offices are located, bringing forth a much older, yet wiser band and, according to Thom Fuhrmann himself, a way more improved stage performance and presence in comparison to the bands touring stints in the late 80s. The result is indeed impressive, catering catchy Alternative Rock guitars alongside thundering drums and earth shaking bass rumbles paired with seductive, yet timeless takes on PostPunk and post-war apocalypse, an undeniably wall-of-sound oriented approach as well as the dramatic, almost military urgency of the bands vocalists especially prevalent in songs like "27 Days" or "Next To Nothing" whereas cuts like "Siege" present themselves as hyperintense, quasi-instrumental war music of doom, "Spice Fields" dabbles with a certainly more uplifting and seductive approach catering to both Indie and Alternative crowds whereas "Bizerte Rolls" as well as "Ivory Coast" serve haunted, fast-paced road-movie Rock vibes before "Viva La Rock And Roll" transforms every dancefloor into a massive GothRock moshpit just to name a few. Defo one of the best live albums we've heard in a while. Go check.

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