Friday, December 15, 2023

Kasper T. Toeplitz - Erosions Programmees [Akousis Records 005]

Put out on the circuit via the Avantgarde-leaning label that is Akousis Records as their 005 on December 4th, 2k23 is "Erosions Programmees" which sees Kasper T. Toeplitz' real time electronics and compositional efforts in combination with Bertrand Gauguet sonic contributions on saxophone. With the album presenting itself as a single stretch composition rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 47 minutes and the conceptual approach to work against, and probably dissolve, the innate monophony of the saxophone as an instrument the two artists embark on a journey into vastly uncharted territories, starting from a point of calm, quasi white noise Ambient swells reminiscent of small waves breaking ashore paired with a brittle underlying atmospheric foundation of oftentime gaseous qualities, presenting an undeniably ColdAmbient-informed approach before opening up into klaxon'esque large scale panoramic harmonies of droning, ever growing and thickening intensity, slowly moving towards comforting, yet space-time dissolving nothingness and a feeling of eternal floatation over a vantablack void of negative density which makes one easily forget that irl saxophone drones were invlvd in the production of this album. Highly recommended.

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