Thursday, December 14, 2023

Lucidvox - That's What Remained [Glitterbeat 149 Promo]

Another fresh album put out on the circuit via the ever active Glitterbeat Records label on November 17th, 2k23 is "That's What Remained", the latest full length album offering conceived by the formerly Russia-based band that is Lucidvox. With eight brand new pieces rolled out over the course of 34 minutes we see the all female outfit still act and move as a - now reunited after going through trouble times in several regards - quartet, albeit realizing and completing their full sonic vision with the help of several contributing guest artists. The result of these efforts is an undeniably dense and atmospheric, droning and enchanted variation of what could vaguely be described as spaced out NoiseRock influenced by both Japanese manga x anime culture as well as oriental mysticisms, Alternative-infused Leftfield Pop with a MathRock attitude and ethereal choir harmonies, Psychedelic Rock garnished with echoes of Exotica and a stretch of innate melancholia as well as a hefty portion of a wall-of-sound attitude in terms of production value which sucks the listener in like a maelstrom leading towards a humungous suboceanic vortex whereas cuts like "Wandering" provide a bit of a cinematic relief and present a bit of a silver lining at the horizon and the subsequent "Hold Me" even flirts with a, still heavyweight and thundering, variation of Indie which finds somewhat of a continuation in the dramatic uptempo vibe of "All Frozen" whilst the concluding "On The Way" once again bundles layered voices in harmony atop of heavily distorted guitar riffings. If that sounds like your cup of tea, go and check out this one for a reason.

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