Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Great Panoptique Winter - This Time Alone [Sound In Silence 107]

Put out on the circuit via the Athens-based Sound In Silence label on November 13th, 2k23 is "This Time Alone", the second ever album outing of Great Panoptique Winter which is described in the accompanying press sheet as a once in decade collaborational effort by Jason Sweeney of Panoptique Electrical and Richard Adams of The Declining Winter - a description pretty much suitable considering that their firstling came out on the label all the way back in 2k15. Now back with a new six tracks and roughly 27 minutes spanning mini-album inspired by the darker parts of the respective artists existence Great Panoptique Winter embark on a journey into ethereal Leftfield Ambient Dream Pop backed by shimmering, uplifting background synth melodies and subdued muscular drums with the albums opener "You Were There" whereas the washed out "Range Signa" brings forth a slightly calmer, almost subaquatic feel driven by occasional, almost overwhelming sinewave bass pulses whilst the almost beatless, time-dissolving "Light The Burial Ground" enters everlasting dreamtime spheres from the very beginning. Furthermore "Wrapped In Grey" seems to reflect on echoes of echoes of echoes of Post-Dubstep and releated Bass Music in a certain way, the title track "This Time Alone" probably is the most song out of the six tunes with its Indietronica backings and almost folksy feel before "Soft Hands" finally provides a beautifully tender and intimate closing tune for your favorite late night dancefloor of choice and therefore might be our favorite cut on this release. Go check.


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