Sunday, January 14, 2024

Mona Mur - Delinquent [Cheezy Crust Records 007]

Finally put out on vinyl these days via the Hamburg-based imprint Cheezy Crust Records is "Delinquent" by Mona Mur, originally a CD-only album which saw the light of day on Freibank Recordings in 2019. Now available for avid collectors as a limited to 300 copies edition pressed on dark oxblood black marbled vinyl and featuring guest appearances by En Esch as well as Anja Huwe of X-Mal Deutschland amongst others the twelve tracks spanning album opens on a hard hitting and muscular Tribal Industrial x PostPunk tip with the fever'ish, yet highly seductive "Motorboy", the subsequent, stripped down and bass heavy "Sandsturm" takes Alternative, IndieElectro and Goth dancefloors by storm and evokes faint memories of Jens Rachut's N.R.F.B. project from a sonic perspective whereas the title track "Delinquent" brings forth a longing, powerful and almost theatrical, somewhat even Desert Rock-informed angle. Furthermore cuts like "Radikal" function as a driving robo-mechanical force to reckon with on Industrial dancefloors and will most likely also resonate with fans and followers of D.A.F. for this very reason whilst "Schmerz" pairs highly atmospheric and experimental Desolation Goth meets PostPunk minimalisms with a Spoken Word attitude and "Bäng Bäng" even dabbles with washed out, hormone- and sex-driven Leftfield Industrial Desert Pop just to name a few favorites here. Defo a worthwhile first time on vinyl reissue and therefore highly recommended!

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