Wednesday, January 17, 2024

User45682211145 - Maschine EP [User Recordings 055 Promo]

Released as 055 of the long-standing, still quasi anonymous label User Recordings on November 28th, 2k23 is the "Maschine EP", the first ever digital two-track single outing by User45682211145. Opening with "Maschine" User45682211145 presents a super dry and mechanical approach to slightly cold and robotic MinimalTechno backed by distinct hi-hat sequences, raw claps and droning bass movements before filtered sawtooth synth modulations provide drive for spaced out underground dancefloor crowds whereas the subsequent "Untitled 11-1" provides a washed out, fast paced and hyperpsychedelic Acid trip experience recommended only for the most brave and adventurous psychonauts out there. Nice one.


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