Thursday, January 18, 2024

OPandolfo - Patterns [Sound In Silence 108]

Another fresh album put out on the circuit via the Greek Sound In Silence camp on November 13th, 2k23 is "Patterns", the ten pieces and 36 minutes spanning project album debut by OPandolfo a.k.a. Olafur Josephsson of Stafraenn Hakon. Focusing mainly on the sound and beauty of the acoustic guitar alongside other live instrumentation, occasional vocal performance and contributions by several guest musicians the music of OPandolfo provides a soothing, rural and comforting, in parts even folksy vibe from the very start of the beatless opener "Random Patterns" onwards which is followed by the lo-fi Indie x singer-songwriter crossover that is "In My Way". With these two songs providing the main layout for the entire sonic course of the album pieces like "Hidden Patterns" indulge deeply in krautsy meanderings and shimmering, ever slightly shifting variations of its motif, "Not So" introduces a take on friendly, playful and somewhat breezy romantic minimalism reminiscent of a most beautiful summer day, a sonic path further continued by the following "Meant To Be" and "Logical Patterns" just to name a few. Quite a surprising musical turn for the Sound In Silence label to release a basically fully acoustic IndiePop x Folk x Leftfield Pop album yet one that holds up to its quality standards with a timeless overall vibe and a clear focus on the beauty that lies within the simplicity of songwriting.

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