Sunday, January 07, 2024

Dan Peter Sundland's Home Stretch - Before The Fall [Aut Records 100]

Aut Records has reached the three digit realm. Finally. For the 100th release, put out on the circuit on November 23rd, 2k23, the ever active Berlin-based label collaborates with Norwegian bass player Dan Peter Sundland for the sophomore release of his Improv-leaning quartet named Home Stretch which sees Sundland teaming up with Philipp Gropper, Antonis Anissegos and Steve Heather for a roughly 61 minutes lasting journey of pairing a traditional instrumental setting with electronic backings. Opening with the lush and comforting instrumental HipHop x late night TripHop beats of the title track which lead into a swirling Improv breakdown sequence Home Stretch are exploring a nocturnal realm of ever spiralling, yet somewhat uplifting Jazz motifs in the subsequent cut that is "I Insist" before bringing forth dramatic movements, most dynamic shifts and a piercing sax solo in "Stepladder Technique". Furthermore the "Squared Circle" presents more of a classic, ever cascading approach to deeply emotional Jazz, "Still Stream" weighs in a bit of vintage melancholia, "The Moon Is Tidy" follows up on a laid back, almost Vienna Future Jazz-leaning tip and therefore might be our favorite cut on this longplayer whereas the super tender slow jam "An Old Familiar Tune" seems well appropriate to be used in a vintage Film Noir sequence just to name a few. Quite a suitable choice for a 100th release, this.


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