Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Jim Denley And The Eternally Orchestrating Sonoverse - With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country [Splitrec. 032]

Coming in from Australia only recently is "With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country", the latest, September 8th, 2k23 released album effort on the ever active Splitrec. label and the second full length take on the practice of musickin which might be best described as a variation of ecological x environmental music combining on location improvised musical performance with FoundSound x Field Recording in specific, oftentimes sacred places with the respect for the land and its original aboriginal x native inhabitants in mind, directly recorded and put out on the circuit as is, without additional treatments or overdubs. This being said "With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country" sees Jim Denley following this practice in Sydney's sandstone basin, employing his own voice, flute and gumnut for his music whilst carefully listening to and recording the sounds of his environment at the time. The result is, not unlike the first volume of this series, a 100+ minutes lasting take on GeoMusic and deeply spiritual, 100% acoustic EsoAmbient especially valuable for fans and followers of Deep Listening Music in its purest form, featuring bird chatter and barking dogs as well as droning, oftentimes slightly off-kilter flute sequences, ominous low frequency rumbles of unclear origin, mechanical air flows and hypnotic, ever repeating fragments of melodies, static crackles and everlasting eternal calmness, rural water flows, colliding sticks, rocks and partially indecipherable voices deeply embedded in the mix - an amalgamation which is probably the closest a modern day listener can come to what could be described as a recreation of 'early ancient music' experienced by our ancestors thousands or more years ago. This is a time-dissolving trip.


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