Thursday, January 11, 2024

Duffhues - Warlock Enemy [Zwarte Vleugels]

Coming in from the headquarters of Dutch multidisciplinary artist Niels Duffhues a.k.a. Duffhues recently is "Warlock Enemy" the latest, ten songs, two additional bonus cuts and roughly 40 minutes strong album effort conceived by the long standing artist. With his tenth longplayer scheduled for release on February 1st, 2k24 via the Zwarte Vleugels-imprint Duffhues once again embarks on a journey of oftentimes dark'ish storytelling, also rooted within his works as author and filmographer, with especially the stripped down, earthy atmosphere of "Heathland" evoking memories of the vulnerability of undisputed Country x Blues greats throughout the very late days of their careers whereas the subsequent, more agitated "Warlock" feels like a slightly hazy confession of sorts and "Letter" brings forth a sense of intense self-reflection in one's vanishing years not only due to its striking sonic climax just to name a few favorites here. That's a lot of depth and dimly lit melancholia to cope with for connaisseurs of what could be described as a classic Americana album to be - despite it being recorded, written and cooked up in the Netherlands. Recommended. Go check.


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