Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Piergiorgio Pirro - Fold / Unfold / Refold [Aut Records 101]

Released via the Berlin-based Aut Records imprint on December 11th, 2k23 is "Fold / Unfold / Refold", the latest twelve track album outing conceived by the quartet led by Piergiorgio Pirro and completed by Sam Comerford, Cyrille Obermüller and Luis Mora Matus. Over the course of 12 pieces a total running time of a little under 46 minutes the ensemble follows the concept of so-called spectral music from a Jazz perspective which results in shimmering abstract grooves with a smoky, glamorous late night touch as to be found in the albums opener "Landero", captivating compositions for monochromatic vintage spy movies like "Stretch" and the subsequent "More Stretch" whereas "Piotr" presents a take on electronically enhanced Jazz minimalism, "Battimenti" is built from single piano tones and stripped down melodies and droning low frequency swells whilst "Sam And Me" fully indulges into Ambient Future Jazz for midnight sessions and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this longplayer just to name a few.

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