Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Andreas Davids - The Inability To Be Happy [Inner Demons Records 166]

Once again put out on the circuit via Florida-based Inner Demons Records is "The Inability To Be Happy", the latest, limited to 42 hand-numbered copies 3" CD-r release edition by Andreas Davids, probably better known to many under his Industrial x EBM x HardTechno guise that is Xotox. Released on February 14th, 2k24 the sole and singular, albeit 20 minutes spanning title track sees Andreas Davids serve an amalgamation of deep, droning and strangely comforting Dark Ambient melancholia, cold atmospheric crackles, echoes of echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts and - most surprisingly - short outbursts of angelic, ethereal and outerworldy choir layers as well as monotonous and therefore time-dissolving single tone repetitions and minimalist Electronica structures which all fall in place to provide a calm, solemn and slightly ruminant late night trip for all fans and followers of hypernocturnal Deep Listening Music. Get.

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