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baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2k24

01. New Scene - Waves [Mecanica 080]
We know a major re-issue when we see one. Originally released in 1992 "Waves", the sole and singular album album by Arno Müller and Markus Barth's studio project New Scene, perfectly showcases the development of Techno and Rave in Germany in the early 90s, still incorporating elements of Agreppo and EBM probably best represented by the moody slo-mo Trance vibe of "The Whale", yet already gravitating towards seductive synth sequences and motifs for hyped, strobe-lit dancefloors with undeniable bangers like the hefty uptempo Rave cuts "PSG 22" and the eerie, spine-tingling "The Walk" whereas tunes like the title track "Waves" provide hypnotic grooves and captivating melodies for late night / early morning crowds and "Machine" weighs in positive, uplifting and "Tubular Bells"-referencing sequences for ecstatic Breakbeat Trance crowds. Plus: New Scene's major hit and most important 12" single release "Tonight" is featured on here, too.

02. Sascha Müller - Cryptocons [Proper Cuts Recordings]
See review for details...

03. Orlando Voorn - Bite Before You Bark Remix [TempoDubs 001]
Quite an unusual release for Orlando Voorn on the new Tempo Records offspring Tempo Dubs. Over the course of five tracks the Dutch producer caters a fascinating melange of wonky, BigBeat-infused Electro, lively and playful Electro minimalism with a tongue-in-cheek twist, rhythmic experimental repetitions alongside stripped down melodies and bubbly synth evolutions as well as deep junglistic Breakbeat action, all pressed on precious clear vinyl for the more adventurous DJs out there.

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