Friday, February 23, 2024

User17883214582 - Fukker EP [User Recordings 056 Promo]

Released digitally by the still mysterious User Recordings label on December 29th, 2k23 is the so-called "Fukker EP", the first two track single on the imprint cooked up by User17883214582. Opening with the classic to be that is called "You Cock Fukker" we see User17883214582 on a raw, unprocessed, yet uplifting ProtoHardcore x DarkRave tip causing major mayhem on fogged out and laser lit dancefloors whereas the subsequent mobile communication referencing "5G" weighs in a similarly raw and Oldskool Rave-leaning vibe, yet employs more of a stop-and-go leaning approach backed by a strangely melodic, yet weirdly twisted and over the top synth motif and undeniable Acid brutalism in its second half. We'd bet that especially the second tune is the result of a wild and excessive late night jam session that could've worked teknival crowds to the max. Madness.


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