Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Magnus Murphy Joelson & Ojkos - Noe Gøy Pa M(etamorphosis) [Smeik]

Released via the Norwegian Smeik label on March 6th, 2k24 is "Noe Gøy Pa M(etamorphosis)", the latest full length album collaboration between composer and trombone player Magnus Murphy Joelson and the large scale Oslo-based Jazz orchestra named Ojkos, an ever fluid, shifting and meandering pool and catalyst of artists and creatives from the countries buzzing scene. Over the course of a total playtime of 51 minutes, with a few pieces split in several sub sections, Magnus Murphy Joelson and Ojkos explore a wide variety of Jazz-infused stylistics, opening with the playful, tongue-in-cheek dynamics of "Poem 4 Ojkos" which seemingly is based on what could be described as a pretty straightforward Rock rhythm section whereas "Refusal Of The Call" presents an intricate arrangement of interwined and carefully layered harmonics in what could be referred to as a well romantic, somewhat cinematic late night Jazz setting before the two segment piece "Midten Pa Alt" opens with airy, almost classical piano etudes accompanied by longing solos and extended large scale panoramic harmonies, sporting full scale orchestra sequences and well thought out, oftentime playful interactions between multiple corresponding instruments. Furthermore the title piece "Noe Gøy Pa M..." brings forth an astounding 21+ minutes spanning six part non stop journey touching on both classic and FutureJazz, catering beautiful harmonic journeys and cascading melodies for both experienced fans and followers of the genre as well as for the rather unexperienced novice whose attention might be especially drawn to the cheekily named "Noe gøy pa M(agnesium)" for a reason whereas "Noe Gøy Pa M(edias Rev)" even enters the realm of Psychedelic Rock for a second or two. Quite a journey, this. Go check.


Anonymous Magnus Murphy Joelson said...

Thank you for reviewing! We appreciate your your words and attention to detail!
- Magnus/Ojkos

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