Friday, March 29, 2024

Massimo De Mattia / Suonomadre - Domicide [Aut Records 108]

Scheduled for release on April 10th, 2k24 via the ever busy - and ever busier... - Aut Records label as their 108 is "Domicide", the forthcoming sonic venture by the Massimo De Mattio led quartet operating under the name of Suonomadre. Over the course of eight brand new compositions and a total running time of roughly 44 minutes the ensemble employs a purely acoustic set-up for its latest longplay effort which was recorded in its entirety on October 25th, 2k23 in a studio based in Cavalicco / Italy, providing a musical journey which starts out with the slighly abstract Jazz skit that is "Tristan" which leads up to the almost cinematographic storytelling of the intricately arranged title track "Domicide" with the subsequent "Lessness" building up tension in a way reminiscent of vintage movie scores harking back to the era of black and white films of yore. Furthermore the extended center piece "Circular Conversation" creates a magical atmosphere with enchanted flutes and floating piano minimalisms and evolves into a lively, carefully arranged Jazz opus sporting a gazillion micro movements all whilst crossing the 11 minutes mark whereas the closing cut named "Commonplace" enters lively, playful and in parts even frolicking Jazz teritorries just to name a few. One for the experienced genre connaisseur, this.


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