Thursday, March 28, 2024

The D3VI7 - Agent 666 EP [Ende Records 588 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the Australian imprint Ende Records on February 4th, 2k24 is the "Agent 666 EP", the first contribution to the labels catalogue cooked up exclusively by The D3VI7. Spanning a total of four tracks the dark lord opens with "Death Of An Agent", a relentless take on lo-fi Speedcore garnished with a sweet, yet braincell melting micro-melody and all kinds of strangely horrific utterings followed by "Newsline Of The Agent Death" which caters unsettling, spatial and somewhat futuristic rumblings of probably field recorded origin, electrical buzzes and subdued, highly muffled vocal bits. Subsequently "The Agent Girls" brings on a similarly unsettling amalgamation of dark, thundering atmospheres, indecipherable female voices speaking through an old telephone landline and a most brutal Rhythm Industrial / Hardcore fusion whereas "The Agent Funeral" rounds things off with hyperbleak, desolate and highly compressed Gabber madness for illegal warehouse raves and ketamine crowds. Intense!


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