Thursday, February 29, 2024

NAOM - Radici [Aut Records 105]

Released via Aut Records on February 28th, 2k24 is "Radici", the most recent album outing cooked up and conceived by Nazareno Caputo and Omar Cecchi under their shared musical alias that is NAOM - with the name of the project being comprised of the combined first syllables of their first names. Over the course of seven brand new pieces and a total runtime of roughly 58 minutes the duo explores a sonic realm set up by percussions, various percussive instruments as well as the vocal-percussive technique known as konnakkol, entering a free floating dreamstate with the MetaJazz approach of the opening piece that is "Mishra" which finds is continuation in the stripped down nocturnal Future Jazz of the 15+ minutes spanning "FAB Suite" which evolves into a complex structure of intricate polyrhythmic layers over time. Furthermore "Reminiscenze" caters an eerie innate tension which evokes memories of classic psycho horror flics of the past, "Mutazioni" engages in tender, carefully arranged Jazz minimalism before the relatively short "Grovigli" brings forth a proper late night groove and probably the most traditional approach to using a drum set on this longplayer, "Preghiera" explores playful melodic percussive progressions to an extended degree and the closing cut that is "Trasparenza" finally rounds things off with unsettling atmospheres, spooky, off-kilter sounds and ghastly repetitive rhythms that could eventually be bait laid out by a poltergeist one doesn't wanna encounter for a reason.

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