Thursday, April 25, 2024

David Newlyn - Encouraged To Lose [Sound In Silence 110]

Another fresh album released via the Greek Ambient x Post-PostRock imprint that is Sound In Silence as their 110 on February 9th, 2k24 is "Encouraged To Lose", the latest full length album effort conceived by Durham, UK-based Ambient producer David Newlyn. Presenting a total of five brand new tracks rolled out over 33 minutes Mr. Newlyn presents a menu of deeply melancholia inducing sonic tapestry with quite a bit of a vintage edge, literally sending tender and romantic piano melodies onto slightly wobbly and decaying tape throughout the recording process to arrive at a slightly grainy and granular aesthetic edge, progresses into slowly moving and solemn harmonic structures paired with occasional surface noise in "Under The Lifeboat Pier" before introducing carefully plucked guitar strings in "A Secluded Scene" whereas "A Strange Kind Of Confusion" indulges in longing, somewhat maritime and slightly off-kilter harmonies and "17th out of 19" pairs most beautiful pad romanticisms with minimalist electric buzzes and atmospheric crackles for a most tender closing. Defo an album to share and listen to alongside a loved one or at least a close and likeminded soul. Lovely.

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