Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Verwesung - Rehearsal 02/03/24 [Dangerous Diskettes 011 Promo]

Released on the underground diy-imprint that is Dangerous Diskettes as a limited run of 11 copies on March 17th, 2k24 is "Rehearsal 02/03/24" which apparently marks the first new sonic outing of Paha Henki's a.k.a. Pavel's project named Verwesung since 2017. As usual released in Floppy Disk format the informed listener faces a 161 seconds lasting crossover outburst of hounded Punk energy and a whirling nihilistic maelstrom of hyper-desolate Black Metal accompanied by indecipherable, snarling and apparently German lyrics which are able to summon inner demons and intense nightmares within weak heartened listeners for a reason or two. Keep away from minors at all cost.


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