Friday, April 05, 2024

Looty Trio - Boxer Rebellion [Aut Records 102]

Released via Aut Records as the labels 102 on January 11th, 2k24 is "Boxer Rebellion", the first full length vinyl album cooked up by the aptly named trio that is Looty Trio comprised of Sebastian Strinning, Marc Unternährer and Valeria Zangger on tenor sax, tuba and drums respectively. Over the course of nine pieces featured on this longplayer the three piece is drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles including Jazz, Punk and beyond to carefully sculpt and specify the bands distinct musical vision which includes dope and muscular Jazz groovers like the opening title track whereas pieces like "White Lotus" explore more of a tender, nocturnal and almost romantic take on stripped down FutureJazz whilst "Gun Dogs" is as explosive and high-octane driven of a tune as its title implies. Furthermore cuts like "Einerline" provide a continuation of this fast-paced, raw and slightly anarchic attitude, the "Yellow Lotus" caters more killer grooves which would seamlessly blend in to a quality Dope Beat x TripHop selection despite being 100% organic and live played and the cheekily titled "Mass Individualism" brings forth a heartfelt vibe of deep late night melancholia for a closing and therefore might be our favorite cut on the album just to name a few.

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