Sunday, April 28, 2024

Nicolas Hurt - Serenade, I Miss You [Oak Recordings]

Released via Oak Recordings on March 15th, 2k24 is "Serenade, I Miss You", the latest mini album conceived by Texas music staple Nicolas Hurt who presents an a little more than 24 minutes spanning take on solo guitar with this one. Presenting four pieces written and commissioned by Zeke Jarmon, Justice Philips, Claire Pucket and himself Nicolas Hurt dives deep into a sonic realm of oftentimes dreamy, rural, tender and inward looking modern composition and performance with especially the title cut "Serenade, I Miss You" bringing forth certain scenic x cinematic qualities alongside a romantic touch whereas the three part piece "The Springs" presents tender, shimmering guitar tone cascades and raw, unprocessed live percussions and other goodness before "Lantern" provides the a suitable, yet minimalist soundtrack for slowly strolling across springtime meadows for a closing. An album for lovers, maybe?


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