Monday, April 29, 2024

Stefan Goldman - Alluvium [Macro 077]

Released as 077 of his very own Macro imprint is "Alluvium", the latest almost 71 minutes spanning album outing by long standing experimental x conceptual composer x producer Stefan Goldmann. Exploring the concept of multiples of interlocking, non-binary rhythm and sound patterns occupying the same temporal space to create new forms of polyrhythmicity the opening tune "Axios" leads the way into this field providing a vast spatial amalgamation of Electronica and subdued Future Tribal sporting almost cosmic gravitas with the subsequent "Helicon" touching base with PostDubstep and Broken Techno for those who perceive productions by Deadbeat in a similar way whereas "Yantra" brings forward futuristic, sci-fi leaning tension and urgency despite its rather skeletal and stripped down nature. With these tunes providing a rough framework for things to come we see cuts like "Drilon" shifting gears into galopping peaktime heat mode for hyper advanced Broken Techno x Industrial informed dancefloors whereas "Arda" even indulges in shimmering Cold Ambient x Deep Listening Music whilst "Ropotamo" basically brings forth filtered, metallic and futuristic rhythm signatures and the concluding cut "Scamander" serves minimalist and bleepy sci-fi Ambient structures derived and conceived in the depths of interplanetary space just to name a few. Probably one of the most exciting albums released by Mr. Goldmann in recent years. Go check.

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