Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nova Pon / Turning Point Ensemble - Symphonies Of Mother and Child [Redshift Records]

Released via the Canadian Redshift Records label on March 29th, 2k24 is "Symphonies Of Mother And Child", the latest collaborational album conceived and written by composer Nova Pon and brought to life by the more than two decades standing Turning Point Ensemble. Split in two pieces, the opener "Worlds Within" as well as the title piece "Symphonies Of Mother And Child" and its five subsets, the approx. 51 minutes spanning album does not only shine through its well excellent artwork but, in the first cut, through large scale dramatic, beautiful and score'esque Contemporary Classical arrangements which, in the most positive and shining way, might not only appeal to its genre loving core audience but also be able to enthrall the most avid collectors of Library x Production Music due to its large scale panoramic and score'esque qualities whereas the 40+ minutes main piece Nova Pon tackles the topic of motherhood and the idea, derived from the Greek meaning of 'symphonies' as pieces 'sounding together' of adjustment, resonance and mutual connection within that bond between mother and child, reflected by both tender, romantic and deeply intimate passages as well as playful, chiming and almost frolicking sequences, joyfully cascading melodies, elegic string beauty and, especially prevalent in "III - Explore And Implore", imaginative references to German and x or Austrian Classical greats which probably provide a docking point for those gravitating towards the established genre standards instead of continuously exploring the realm of Contemporary x Modern Classical music for new favorites whereas the unitiated novice might enjoy the overall lightheartedness and intricate, yet not overly complex and complicated harmonic schemes employed by Nova Pon for her long form debut.

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