Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kee Avil - Spine [Constellation 178]

Released via the long-standing Montreal-based imprint that is Constellation on May 3rd, 2k24 is "Spine", the sophomore longplayer conceived and cooked up by Kee Avil who, after her acclaimed first album in 2k22, caters a fresh menu of 10 brand new songs over the course of 40 minutes total playtime, redefining and reshaping her musical vision in a manner she describes as Folk which might be true in a sense of tender vulnerability as the intimate portrait featured on the album cover might already suggest, yet even more in the deliberately sparse instrumentation and not so much stylistically. This defo goes for the albums opener "Felt" which even provides a certain PostPunk sensibility atop of thundering rhythm signatures whereas "The Iris Dry" dabbles with slightly processed Spoken Words and minimalist experimental electronic textures and "Remember Me" even touches base with intense, yet stripped down and twangy DesertRock able to stir up quite a set of clandestine emotions and so does "Do This Again", despite from a different, more rhythmic and defo unsettling musical angle. Furthermore the rather innocent and dreamlike "Fading" operates on a foundation of minimalist clicks and subdued electronics , the subsequent "Gelatin" pairs Kee Avil's almost whispered vocals with echoes of Illbient and Industrial Electronics whilst "Showed You" might be the one cut on the album most fitting into the drawer that could be described Post-PostRock for a reason or two. With "At His Hands" Kee Avil explores almost child-like innocence and unscathed rural beauty, the brooding backdrop of "Under" might resonate with those head over heels in love with a genre once described as Apocalyptic Folk whereas "Croak" triggers the listeners senses with alarming feedbacks, electronic pulses from exoterrestrial alien swamps and dancefloor friendly rhythms for avantgarde-informed audiences for a closing. Defo an interesting musical journey, this, and therefore recommended.

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