Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kaluza Quartett - Jack [Aut Records 107]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Jazz x Free Improv and all things beyond imprint that is Aut Records on March 27th, 2k24 is "Jack", the debut album by the Anna Kaluza-led micro ensemble named the Kaluza Quartett. Over the course of four pieces and a total duration of roughly 49 minutes with more of half of that taken up by the hyperextended, 27+ minutes spanning opener "Unterseiten" the group tentatively explores a realm of late night leaning improvisation primarily based on an intricately layered intertwined dialogue between Anna Kaluza on alto-sax and Christof Tewes on trombone, backed by careful double bass interventions by Jan Roder as well as a thought out, oftentimes subdued and carefully built drum foundation laid down by Kay Lübke, all falling together in a surprisingly tender and accessible fashion, especially considering the fact that all cuts on "Jack" are based on improvisational efforts which makes this album a potential gateway drug for all those probably generally interested in Jazz who have been shying away from Improv / Free Improv albums for various reasons until now.

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