Saturday, May 25, 2024

Sandrine Nicoletta x Massimo Carozzi - Interplay [Kohlhaas 028 Promo]

Released via the Italian Kohlhaas label on May 10th, 2k24 is "Interplay", a new conceptual mini album following a musical idea laid out by Sandrine Nicoletta and recorded by Massimo Carozzi which brings together the voices of five singers x performers of a different tonal spectrum and ability, each performing solo and in a non-vocal manner, solely following the conceptual guidance and descriptions of Nicoletta whithout ever getting to hear previously recorded performances by other participants beforehand. Layering and cutting up these five different tracks of vocal recordings in a later post-production process finally results in a seven tracks and approximately 22 minutes spanning mini album which might be best described as a selection of avantgarde-leaning vocal collage works, showcasing the intertwined, interlacing and overlapping wideranged possibilities of the human voice, from accentuated hums to ethereal overtones, quasi-syllables and fragments of vintage-coated song, indecipherable whispers and far beyond, all falling together in a certainly interesting fashion, albeit one that might spark the interest of a very limited audience only due to its niche concept and probably required experience in the field of Contemporary Avantgarde Music to fully embrace this album as whole.


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