Monday, May 27, 2024

Xenopraxis - In A Sedimental Mood [Halocline Trance 037]

Put out on the circuit on February 9th, 2k24 via the Egyptrixx' lead and founded label Halocline Trance is "In A Sedimental Mood", the latest longform outing cooked up by Toronto-based producer Marc Couroux employing his sonic nom de guerre that is Xenopraxis. Bringing forth a set of 84 individual sections split evenly spread over four meta-sets, each of them representing one side of the 2LP vinyl release version of "In A Sedimental Mood" and bringing forth a little more than 18 minutes of sonic material, Xenopraxis embarks on a musical journey highly influenced by the concept and devices of Muzak as a genre, presenting a quasi-gazillion of iterations of the piano as an instrument as well as its likenesses which are seemingly following a series of endlessly repeating, yet evenmoreso endlessly varying and endlessly decomposing off-harmonic structures x main motifs of a certainly unsettling, for some even unnerving nature, returning to a starting point with every new cycle without actually going somewhere or showcasing any form of intentional progression, just presenting another take of not exactly the same one has heard before. Play this album on repeat to convicts in solitary confinement or prisoners of war and they will be broken or at best lunatic within a couple of hours due to the frustrating lack of a climax, structure and x or resolution this album presents over its 70+minutes total runtime. Do not play to the mentally unstable, children or other even slightly damaged souls at any time. It might do some damage.


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