Saturday, May 11, 2024

Phill Niblock / Anna Clementi / Thomas Stern - Zound Delta 2 [Karlrecords 115]

Newly released via Karlrecords on April 12th, 2k24 is "Zound Delta 2", the first quasi posthumous album release featuring works by recently passed composer Phill Niblock he had written for Italian-Swedish vocalist Anna Clementi who performs these two long-form pieces alongside Thomas Stern on slide guitar, bass and further electronics. Basically completed at the time of Niblock's untimely passing - hence: quasi-posthumous - Clementi and Stern present a roughly 22 minutes spanning iteration of "Zound Delta 2" which seemingly combines a backdrop of subtle Field Recordings, running water and unsettling scrapings of unclear origin included, with vast and spatial Dark Ambient structures and slowly emerging off-harmonic waves and build-ups seemingly including in parts heavily processed, constantly layered and re-layerd vibrating non-vocalisms performed by Anna Clementi. This first take is followed by the slightly shorter "Zound Delta 2 (Version)", interestingly taking its additional suffix from Dub x sound system culture and indeed presenting an initially more minimalist, stripped down approach to Niblock's composition before making way for short, yet intense and ever building uncanny accumulations of Noize as well as eerie, alarming atmospheric movements able to induce nightmares and internal terror in the souls of the faint-hearted listener. Highly fascinating and a recommended, yet unplanned final, nod to a long standing staple within the experimental music scene.

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