Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Sync - Catacryptico [Aut Records 110]

Released via the ever expanding Aut Records label on May 8th, 2k24 is "Catacryptico", the latest musical output by the Sync quartet. Comprised of Sebastian Strinning, Natalie Peters, Yara Li Mennel and Jacek Chmiel the small ensemble caters a four pieces and roughly 48 minutes spanning sonic journey which in its entirety was recorded in Locarno in the summer of 2k22, fusing each members individual artistic approach in an improvisation-based sonic melting pot. With "L'Amore Di Una Pvera Creatura" the group starts from a point of warm, solemn and somewhat brooding Ambient Future Jazz paired with twangy plucked zither strings and electronic atmospheres, working its way up to unnerving, intense and dada'esque vocal utterings and heavily defragmented Spoken Word as well as decaying syllables alongside busy off-harmonic movements before moving on to more harmonic, probably even romantic, territories whereas "Laughing With A Poet" offers a more playful take on highly detailed, high frequency focused Jazz mixed with what seem to be interesting singular sounds one might, sometimes involuntarily, summon in ones very own kitchen - and a quite surprising ending. Furthermore "People Like Me" brings forth longing, sustained notes which provide a certain undeniable tension and more irritating vocal quasi-cutups whilst the final main piece named "Ashes Of A Diva" indeed seems to re-imagine a slow progression from a calm and collected state of Jazz towards more agitated mindsets and dramatic outbursts and even evokes memories of vintage gramophone recordings as well as grainy movie reels unearthed from age old archives before providing a peaceful closing with Field Recordings of chiming church bells. Quite an interesting trip, this.


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